Summary of Terms and conditions

(The whole document can be found on our website in the information footer.)

  1. The minimum age for students in an adult class is 15. Conditions are the same for courses in Slovak Friends Language School premises and for online courses in virtual classrooms.
  2. Registration is done by email and also includes payment of the deposit – 50% of the fee. The Slovak Friends Language School Terms and Conditions are binding from the moment of the registration.
  3. The rest of the school´s fee must be paid in the first week of the course. The school reserves the right to cancel student’s placement in the course if the students does not pay the rest of the fee in the first week of the course, if not agreed otherwise.
  4. The deposit must be paid latest 7 days (or earlier) before the start of the course in order to secure the placement in the course. The school reserves the right to cancel the student`s registration.
  5. The course fee does not cover the cost of the course book.
  6. Placement in a course is non-transferable. Transfer to a course of a different level is handled by the registration office.
  7. In case of unforseen circumstances (announcement of a state of emergency, pandemics) the school will replace missed lessons online.
  8. There is no reimbursement for a student`s absence in the course and the school does not provide a substitute lesson.
  9. Refunds:
    a. 100% of the remaining course fee will be returned if the course is cancelled by the school. The school reserves the right to cancel a course with less than 3 students registered. In that case the fee will be reimbursed in the full amount to the student`s account.
    b. deposit is not refundable if the student cancels 7-0 days before the course starts.
    c. deposit is not refundable if the students cancels during the first week of the school.
  10. The school does not take responsibility for any personal belongings brought into the school.
  11. To continue in the following course, the student needs to register again to a specific course to guarantee a place.
  12. Slovak Friends undertakes to respect the privacy of all its teachers and students and shall not disclose their information to third parties or use them for marketing purposes other than prior approval. Slovak Friends collects only the necessary information about the students needed (GDPR).
  13. The principles of protecting personal data in Slovak language.