Our philosophy.

We believe that learning the language takes place inside and outside the classroom. At Slovak Friends Language School, we offer the best of both.

Inside the classroom, our programs help you build a strong foundation of the language. Outside the class, our many social activities and your Slovak friends let you practice Slovak anytime, all the time, and in all kinds of real life situations.

About us

Learning Slovak is more than just going to a class. We are committed to providing high quality Slovak language training and a great cultural experience for our students.
Learning a new language does not have to be overwhelming and scary. Our Slovak immersion events and workshops combine instruction, practical application, group exercises, cultural activities, and loads of fun. You will gain the confidence needed to begin using your new skills out in the real world. Because we are your Slovak friends.
You will meet other students from different countries who also live and work in Bratislava.

Behind the company

Slovak Friends was founded in 2016 by Katarina, who had always dreamt about showing foreigners around Slovakia and make them perceive the country the way the locals do. Katarina is a heartfelt folklorist and she believes that getting to know a new place is better through introducing its culture. It is not only about the must-see sightseeing but also traditions, people, nature and folklore. That was the first idea of Slovak Friends — traveling like you were visiting a good friend.
In 2019, she was joined by her friend Zuzana. Katarina and Zuzana met in the primary school and they have been friends ever since. Together they have brought this project to perfection. Zuzana has been teaching for almost 15 years and doing her job with heart and soul. Many students are grateful for being able to integrate better through language classes with her. And so the fusion of two ideas has inspired them to open a school and organize events. Study Slovak and discover Slovakia.