Online – Lower intermediate, AGE: 7-15y

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Price: 159€
Age: 7-10, TUE at 17:00-17:45 Bratislava time , February 14 – June 20, together 18 lessons (break April 11)
Age: 11-15 TUE at 18:00-18:45 Bratislava time,  February 14 – June 20, together 18 lessons (break April 11)

This is follow up course to previous course (September 2022 – January 2023) however new students are welcome.

Children studied the vocabulary of school, school subjects, days of the week, activities they do throughout the day. They studied the seasons, months, the weather and seasonal activities (sports, etc.) They studied the map of a little town, names of different places in the town and learned how to give
directions. They learned names of different dishes, food and drinks. And last but not least went for a „visit“ to a doctor and learned
body parts.

A course that will encourage your child aged 7 to 15 years to express themselfs in a safe, motivating enviroment.
Teacher will use a variety of materials to help your child learn, including teaching materials, games and other challenging projects and activities. All according interests and capabilities of the group.

We will teach your child with others of a similar age and level but in a small group. Small classes mean your child will get the best out of learning Slovak because your child is guaranteed attention and personal support from your expert teacher.

The course is online.


Beginners – their knowledge is on the level of words on a variety of topics, listening comprehension is limited
capable of combining words, able to articulate a simple sentence,
understands what is being said, cannot use grammatical rules correctly
Advanced – able to express a thought/a more complex topic, however their use of grammar is not entirely precise


Start: February 14

Max students: 5

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