Intermediate – Start: January 23

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Gabika T.

Price: 166€
TIME: TUE 17:00-17:45 Bratislava time
FREQUENCY: 1x45min/week
DATE: Jan. 23 – June 11 (break April 2nd)
DURATION: together 20 lessons (45min)

The course is online.

V kurze sa zameriame na správnosť tvorenia viet a rozširovanie slovnej zásoby.

Vek: 9-13rokov.

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Beginners – their knowledge is on the level of words on a variety of topics, listening comprehension is limited
Intermediate – capable of combining words, able to articulate a simple sentence, understands what is being said, cannot use grammatical rules correctly
Advanced – able to express a thought/a more complex topic, however their use of grammar is not entirely precise

Start: January 23

Max students: 5

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