Online – Let’s talk – A1, Start: July/August

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Silvia F.

Price: 159€

twice a week TUE&THU 17:30-19:30 CET, July 7 – August 2 or August 4- August 30, together 8 sessions (120min)

The transition from A1 level to A2 level can be a challenge and many
students find it a significant leap. To help you meet that challenge, we
have designed lessons  focused on consolidating your grammar with focus on conversation to let you properly untie your tongue and prevent you from being afraid of speaking.

The lessons also include a range of activities and games specifically prepared for you. Boredom is not an option because inspiration and motivation are the keys to success.

The course is online.

The course is for those who reached level A1 or are aware of genders, coniugation of verbs, plural, accusative and instrumental.

Students do not need to undergo placement tests,  our teachers will assess their level efficiently during a quick informal call.

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Start: July 7

Max students: 5

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