Online – False Beginners, Start: September 27

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Silvia F.

Price: 240€

once a week WED 17:20-18:50 CET, September 27 – January 31, together 15 sessions per 90minutes and on top one feedback session (last day of the course)

Bank holiday November 1st not included and there is break: December 27 and January 3

A false beginner student is a student who has already taken part in Slovak language lessons at some point in the life. They did not progress very far in these lessons and their Slovak skills are severely limited.

This course starts from 4th unit of Krizom Krazom A1 book. (we start with plural so you should understand genders of nouns and adjectives already)

The course is online.

Students do not need to undergo placement tests,  our teachers will assess their level efficiently during a quick informal call.

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Start: September 27

Max students: 5

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