Online – Beginners, Start: July 2

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Silvia F.

Price: 176€

TIME:  TUE/THU 8:30-9:30AM            
FREQUENCY: 2x60min/week         
DATES: July 2 – August 27              
DURATION: 16 sessions per 60min + 1 feedback class on top of it
WHERE: online

For students with some basics. You should be able to recognize grammatical gender (and know that káva je čierna but čaj je čierny), conjugate verbs (know that my pracujeme, but Peter študuje).In additional, Be able to create plurale of nouns, adjectives, be aware of the Accusative case, the Instrumental case.

Please, set up a call with us here: and test your proficency level.

Start: July 2

Max students: 5

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