Online – A2, Start: April 2

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Price: 275€

TIME: TUE/THU 12:00-13:00 CET,

FREQUENCY: 2x60min/week         

DATE: April 2 – June 27, 2024       

DURATION: 25 sessions + 1 feedback session on top of it

WHERE: online

LEVEL: Start A2 level

You should be able to recognize grammatical gender (and know that káva je čierna but čaj je čierny), conjugate verbs (know that my pracujeme, but Peter študuje).
Be able to create plurale of nouns, adjectives, be aware of the
accusative case, the instrumental case and the locative case. You should be able to say short
story in the past tense, conjugate verbs: spať, stretnúť, vidieť,
pozvať, žiť, niesť and modale verbs.

Students do not need to undergo placement tests,  our teachers will assess their level efficiently during a quick informal call.

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Start: April 2

Max students: 5

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